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When homeowners first notice a problem with their roofs, gutters, or skylights, some try to ignore the problem. Not only do they worry about how much the repair will cost, but they also worry about the hassles associated with finding a good contractor. It sometimes seems like everyone has a horror story about a contractor who never started the job, charged far more than the original estimate, or left the job unfinished. Allstate Roofing understands the concerns that homeowners have and wants them to rest assured that they won't encounter the same issues when they choose the company.

With more than two decades of experience, Allstate Roofing ranks as one of the best of the best, and GAF agrees with that statement. As one of the leading manufacturers of roofing shingles and materials, GAF is extremely selective about the companies it certifies. Only those that have a long history of experience and success receive this designation, and Allstate Roofing is one of those companies. As a GAF-certified contractor, Allstate offers lifetime warranties on all the jobs it performs and the products it uses.
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Phone Number (916) 900-8134
City Sacramento, CA
Zip Code 95825
Address 2264 Fair Oaks Blvd, Suite 204
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When it's time to replace an outdated roof or install an entirely new roof system, Allstate Roofing uses quality roofing materials from GAF on homes in and around the Sacramento area. Their certified contractors take the hassle out of residential roofing by taking the time to help homeowners make well-informed decisions.
Residential customers benefit from a wide range of choices, and can opt for a re-roof rather than a complete replacement to maximize savings without sacrificing quality. The company also has extensive experience installing roofing materials on flat, low-slope, and deep-slope surfaces while ensuring that flashing and other important parts of a roof structure are properly installed
Replacement, maintenance, repairs and restoration are tasks that the contractors working for Allstate Roofing know well. When people think of roofing repairs, they may tend to think about residential homes rather than commercial properties. But commercial properties tend to need more help than residential properties do. Many of these buildings have flat roofs, which are more susceptible to driving rain and high winds, which can cause significant damage to those roofs.
Skylights not only add natural light to a home but also add value. Many homeowners are leaning towards the addition of skylights to cut down on energy costs as well as the need for extra lamps and lighting units.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 1 review
  Testimonial by Tommy Yamamoto
January 04, 2016 5 star Great/Timely Service!! A tree branch fell on my mom's house the weekend before New Years and Joe from AllState Roofing was at my mom's house at 10am after he talked to me at 8am. Needless to say I was pleasently surprised! All the critical repairs on the roof were completed within 24 hours and everything was done within two days. I chose AllState Roofing because of the excellent reviews and I was not disappointed. Great Job and Thank You!!
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