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Hustad Companies has provided personalized roofing services to the Madison area since 1973. The quality of our affordable and professional work can be seen in the number of clients who come to us for roofing jobs again and again. Whether your roof is residential or commercial in purpose, Hustad Companies will follow your instructions to the letter, customizing service to your needs and budget.

We handle every type of roofing job and are familiar with all types of materials and products. If your problem is roof repair and maintenance, reroofing or the installation of a brand new roof, Hustad Companies will be happy to come to your aid. Our list of available services is as comprehensive as possible and ensures that each customer's individual needs can and will be met.
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Contact Person Lee Hustad
Phone Number (608) 224-0990
Fax Number (608) 839-1708
City Cottage Grove, WI
Zip Code 53527
Address 3236 County Hwy N
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Products and Services
Residential roofing services encompass a wide variety of tasks. Professional roofers typically begin a visit to a home by performing an inspection of the entire roofing system. The inspections can include checking the soffit and fascia boards, examining the gutters and downspouts, looking at the flashing and any vent covers or caps. Once all of these accessory parts have been inspected, the roofers will thoroughly examine the primary exterior roofing material, which could be asphalt shingles, clay or slate tiles or metal sheeting. If a homeowner has reported a leak or the roofer suspects a problem, the roofing team may also try to access the interior side of the roof from the home's attic space.

Roofers also install new roofs and replace existing roofing materials. Most roofing companies are able to install different types of materials depending on a homeowner's preferences, the requirements of the environment and any city codes. Roofers walk homeowners through the process of selecting the best type of materials for the project.
Hustad Companies offers cost effective commercial roofing options for Madison area business owners. Replacing or maintaining a roof is a great way to boost energy efficiency and curb costs.

Hustad Companies provides a wide range of commercial roofing options for business owners in Madison, Verona and Cottage Grove. Hustad's roofers will explain the benefits of each roofing choice to allow customers to make a well informed decision. For instance, shake roofing has a distinctive architectural style that adds a touch of sophistication to a roof's appearance while also offering durability.
The experts that work for the company specialize in providing their clients with quality siding installations. One of the most commonly used materials in siding is vinyl because of how affordable and easy it is to install. The professionals follow a careful step by step procedure when they install new siding or replace existing sections.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 1 review
  Testimonial by G. H.
My wife first noticed our roof leaking after a storm, but I kept putting off calling for help. By the time I called Hustad, the leak looked more like a waterfall. The roofers they sent out did a great job of informing me of what happened and what they did. I love the work they did and the price they charged.
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