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Kaiser Siding & Roofing was formed in 2006 by two brothers with a mission in mind to be the best in the business. We learned as a company in order to be the best we had to set the bar high and hire individuals that hold an expectation to not only serve our customers but also to hold themselves accountable.
Hiring elite individuals has been the foundation of our success. Without these individuals representing Kaiser Siding & Roofing we would not have satisfied customers. Restoring our customers peace of mind after disaster strikes is our ultimate focus, please never forget that. We have not set out to be the largest outfit in the United States, however we have set out to be the industry leader when it comes to quality, customer satisfaction and selected elite individuals representing our brand. You have now become a part of a team that continues to raise the bar in our industry. Our philosophy is: "If it's repeatable, then it is perfectible."
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Phone Number (513) 445-6400
City Cincinnati, OH
Zip Code 45241
Address 13 Carpenters Ridge
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Products and Services
The professional roofing contractors at Kaiser Siding & Roofing can get your roof back into good shape through our roof repair services. No matter how big or small the damage might seem, from a minor leak to major storm or hail damage, our experienced technicians have the training and high-quality materials necessary to restore your roof efficiently and effectively.
No homeowner is thrilled at the prospect of replacing their roof, but Kaiser Siding & Roofing will make the experience as pain-free as possible. There are several benefits to roof replacement - you'll have a new roof that is made to last and will look great for years to come. Our experts are familiar with a wide variety of roofing materials and can handle any size project, big or small.
Our commercial roofing services in Greater Cincinnati and Columbus:
Roof inspections; Roof replacement; Reroofing; Roof repair; Roof maintenance; Flashing repair & replacement; Flat, low-slope and sloped roof expertise; All roofing materials & treatments available; Free estimates for all roofing work
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