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   Excellent from 3 reviews
A family owned business since 2000, American Dream Home Improvement, Inc. (ADHI, Inc.) is a market leader in the exterior home repair and storm restoration industry. ADHI, Inc. has doubled its revenue each year since 2007 and is one of America's fastest growing businesses. Our corporate structure, mission, values, and management style have been the backbone of the company's remarkable success. ADHI, Inc.'s mission is to provide unparalleled customer service and representation to all of its homeowners and to the insurance industry alike.
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Phone Number (630) 409-0003
City Downers Grove, IL
Zip Code 60515
Address 3040 Finley Rd #200
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Products and Services
Is your roof leaking? Do you have missing shingles or ugly stains on your roof? American Dream Home Improvement has an experienced crew that can diagnose your roof problem and handle all your roof repair needs. When minor problems are overlooked, they can become costly problems that can damage the interior of your home. Make sure your home is properly protected with quality materials and reliable repairs. Fixing your roof now can also help you avoid expensive roof replacement.
Of all the different exterior home siding choices available today, vinyl siding stands out for the excellent value it offers. The vinyl material sheds moisture rather than absorbing it. Vinyl siding also does not support mold or mildew growth and won't succumb to moisture damage.
Having the right gutters is essential for preserving the overall condition of your home. Gutters that don't drain correctly or are clogged can overflow, causing damage to the roof and create pools of water on the ground that can seep into the basement.
American Dream Home Improvement specializes in providing gutter and downspout installation to prevent these problems. With new gutters, properly pitched downspouts, and the addition of gutter guards, you can be sure that your home won't have issues with water damage caused by gutters.
   Excellent from 3 reviews
  Testimonial by Jack M.
Orland Park, IL
What a Great Company!! After multiple other "sales man" from different companies came to my Uncles door after a storm hit none were more professional and knowledgeable. After my Uncle was approved by his Insurance Company in 2 weeks we had a brand new (upgraded) Owens Corning roof. It even came with a life time warranty! If I have to ever go with a roofing company again i would have to use American Dream Home Improvement. Great Job Guys!!
  Testimonial by Mitch I.
Downers Grove, IL
Great experience with this company! My mom needed a new roof for her rental property or her insurance company said they would drop her for neglect. My friend that worked for this company inspected my mom's roof for free and found hail and wind damage so they worked with her insurance company and they paid for a full replacement. She only paid her deductible instead of paying $15K. I refer you guys to everyone!!!
  Testimonial by Suzanne R.
Downers Grove, IL
I had a very pleasant experience with American Dream Home Improvement. They made it easy by handling all the details for me. After the assessment of the damage and deciding on the correct maerials, they arranged to come out per my schedule. The job was done quickly and professional. I am pleased with the outcome.
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