Are you looking for a roofing contractor in Hacienda Heights, CA?

Do you need a reliable company in Hacienda Heights, CA providing commercial & residential roofing, siding and guttering installation, repair and maintenance?
Hacienda Heights, California
We deliver dependability, longevity, and building strength. We have a record of success based on years of professional performance. When you select us, you're investing in quality assured construction methods. Also, you get unsurpassed performance and reliability. We stay ahead of the competition through quality and top-notch roofing services.
It is our mission to provide the best customer experience in our industry while offering our clients reliable information, exceptional quality, and unsurpassed value for their roofing needs. We will continually grow and improve as a company by employing the most professional and talented people available, providing them with a positive, supportive team oriented work environment that rewards innovation and instills pride in our organization.
Our goal is to always provide our customers with the finest quality, most trustworthy service to choose from. We always work with with every client to make sure all questions are answered and handled in a professional way. We are going to earn your respect by meeting and exceeding your expected results.
Here at family owned and operated Everett for over 25years, we're not satisfied until you're satisfied. Our motto "Do it right the first time" is something we incorporate into all our projects. We've been installing quality roofs in Southern California for nearly a quarter of a century now with thousands of satisfied customers.
We have been family owned and operated, serving the Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange counties since 1936. That means you will get a roofing project that best displays your structure. It means that we will help you to select the materials that will give the performance and provide the life needed on your structure. We use materials from quality manufacturers and guarantee our work.
We are a family company built by Jeff, Bill and Andy Kondrath. Over the past 33 years, we have satisfied thousands of homeowners with quality home improvements. The big difference comes when you decide to sign with JK Home Improvement. The owners themselves come to your home to complete the home improvements.
We have been a family owned business for generations and pride ourselves on expert craftsmanship and down-to-earth customer service (we get referral calls from people saying their Grandfather worked with us 30 years ago when he got his roof re-done!). J.N. Davis Roofing installs all the big brands and all the different styles (asphalt, composite, tile, metal, wood shake and flat) for both residential AND commercial. Plus, we are one of the few roofing contractors in all of Los Angeles with copper roofing capabilities.
With over 32 years of experience and referrals, we continue to do first hand quality work with integrity. We offer a wide selection of fire safe roofs and work night and day to find just the right roof for you. Thousands of homeowners and businesses have relied on our workmanship and so can you!
Unlike traditional contractors, we typically do not install new or replace existing systems. Our goal is to repair, maintain and extend the service life of your existing roof through the implementation of quality long-term repairs and responsive management programs. Through a comprehensive evaluation process we will provide you with a general conditions report of your roof.
We offer you the best in roofing services, materials and supplies to protect your largest investment - your home, business and buildings. Our commitment is to provide you with the confidence of knowing you are receiving the finest materials, craftsmanship and management team at the very best price.
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