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We are proud to have helped homeowners throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island for 30 plus years install beautiful, new roofs. We have specialties in a number of areas, including roofing, siding and replacement windows. We have everything you need to enhance the performance of your home's exterior while allowing it to look beautiful within your budget.

The professionals here at Northeast Home & Energy are all certified, friendly contractors focused primarily on customer satisfaction. We enjoy seeing a finished roofing project that has not only provided extra protection for the home, but has increased the overall value and aesthetic appeal of the home.

We realize that each roofing, siding and window replacement job is different. Each job requires specific care and concern by a certified specialist. We believe in jobs that are not only completed in a timely manner, but that we also follow up with proper maintenance services. We also provide roof repair for issues such as minor leaks or even bigger problems such as the aftermath of a violent storm.
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Better Business Bureau
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It's a major expense to replace an old roof with a new one. In addition to finding a good contractor who will complete your re-roof job for a reasonable price, you may need to decide whether or not you want the new roof to be the same type as the old.

If you notice a leak, but most of the roof is still in good condition, it might make more sense just to repair the damaged spots. If you notice signs that the roof is wearing out and might require significant repair; or if your roof is more than 20 years old, you may want to consider replacing it.
Wood rot often comes as an unpleasant surprise. Perhaps you're having your roof shingles replaced and the roofer announces that the decking, rafters, and/or ridge board is rotted.

Or maybe you're preparing to paint an exterior window sill or trim board and you notice the wood under the old paint is soft. Worse, is when you're in the basement or crawlspace and notice rot in structural beams and joists!

Left untreated, with the right conditions, wood rot can spread and eventually weaken the structure of your home. Of course, a home with significant rot will also lose its resale value, so it's imperative to take action.
Key People
Richard Prunier
Richard Prunier
Richard Prunier graduated from Northeastern University with a bachelor's degree in marketing. He started Northeast Home & Energy in 1980 when he was only 26 years old. His knowledge and passion for the industry is the driving force behind Northeast Home & Energy's outstanding reputation, growth, and success.

From daily project reviews to weekly progress meetings and site inspections, Richard engages in every project and product, ensuring that every client's expectations are met or exceeded. When he is not hard at work, he enjoys spending his time playing golf.
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