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Rated Excellent from 3 reviews
Keeping up with the appearance of a home is important for many reasons. Not only is it vital in helping homeowners maintain their property value, but it will also guarantee that they do not have to spend money on more expensive repairs in the long term. The appearance of damage along the home's windows or rooftop can quickly spread out of control, weakening other sections of the home. Roofs by Rodger is dedicated to making sure that such concerns are addressed immediately before they have the chance to grow and worsen.

They are the contracting company to call when homeowners need to have a roofing problem addressed as soon as possible. The company has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and boasts one of the most trusted teams in Central Illinois, guaranteeing that no matter what needs to be done, they will help with an unmatched degree of craftsmanship. The contractors are all expertly trained and highly experienced, having helped residents in the local area with a variety of contracting concerns. The company makes sure that all team members are licensed and certified, and staff is always kept up to date on the latest equipment and installation procedures. What sets this brand apart from other roofing companies is the degree of care they put into their work. No matter whether the homeowner needs to have their shingles replaced or new siding installed, the company will be there to help with timely service and competitively priced installations.
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Contact Person Rodger Ocheltree
Phone Number (217) 834-3800
City Longview, IL
Zip Code 61852
Address 210 Sheridan St.
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Products and Services
When the rooftop needs to be inspected, it is important to work with quality professionals in the local area. Roofs by Rodger is a group that focuses on providing all clients with the most reliable rooftop installations and repairs. They understand that customer knowledge and satisfaction go hand in hand, and they will be happy to walk new customers through the roofing process.

Before the contractors begin, they will make sure that they have a clean and organized work area to get started. They close off the surrounding area, avoid dangerous sections on the roof, and make sure that they always have an easy way to get to the ground. They drape a tarp over surrounding shrubbery and advise homeowners to clear fragile items from the walls to help keep their belongings safe.
Roofs by Rodger provides reliable siding options for all clients, in addition to their standard roofing services. Siding can be a great project for homeowners who want to add some personality and color to their homes. There are many different types of siding available for consideration, each of which can be installed to create a different outdoor environment.
Roofs by Rodger provides a variety of reliable services for clients. These include high-quality installations, repairs and other maintenance services for a property's gutters. The company's professionals can help customers select a new gutter system from a variety of materials and colors. These highly trained technicians are ready to install the equipment onto any commercial or residential location, guaranteeing that the job is performed correctly and efficiently. Roofs by Rodger offers several unique services as well depending on each client's needs. No matter what the situation is, these professionals will determine the most cost-effective, long-term solution to guarantee total customer satisfaction.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 3 reviews
  Testimonial by Kim Schuh
Totally Impressed by Roofs by Roger!! New roof in 2 days! Not ONE roofing nail anywhere in my yard or landscaping!! Job well done, gentlemen!!
  Testimonial by J. A.
I would recommend Roofs by Rodger to others, because I believe they completed a tough job ahead of schedule at a very competitive price. Good clean-up with minimum damage.
  Testimonial by Heather Johnson
Roofs by Rodger just finished up putting siding on my nearly 100 year old house and detached garage. My first meeting was with Greg. He helped me choose the right product and gave me a quote. I called about 4 other companies and he gave me the best price, but also the best quality siding that I found. We were able to choose siding that looked very similar to the old, redwood siding that was original to the house. Greg was great with following up and checking on the project before, during, and after. He was easy to communicate with by phone or text. Also, just a good guy! When it was time for the installation I was amazed that the crew was here by 7:15 each morning. HUGE THANKS to Chuck, Steve and Josh. They busted their butts each day. They were meticulous, friendly, and hard workers. I can't say enough good things about them and the job that they did. Overall, I'm really thrilled with the end result. My house looks amazing and I had a GREAT experience with Roofs by Rodger. Thanks so much!
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