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We are fully insured and certified with our vendors to bring you the very best warranties in the business directly from the manufacturers! Why is this important? Let me give you this analogy. When you purchase an automobile, it has already been assembled in a plant by a certified crew according to the manufacturer's specification which is a requirement for the warranty.

When you purchase a roof system, it arrives completely disassembled at your driveway and every part must be put together according to the manufacture's specifications for the warranty. A crew that has not been trained and certified by that manufacturer cannot give you a manufacturer's warranty. At best they may only offer a labor warranty, but take extreme precaution if hiring non-certified contractors.
Services Offered
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Inspection
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Products
  • Repairs
  • Replacement
  • Residential
Contact Information
Phone Number (512) 308-6262
City Austin, TX
Zip Code 78745
Professional Associations and Certifications
  • National Roofing Contractors Association
  • Better Business Bureau
National Roofing Contractors AssociationBetter Business Bureau
Products and Services
Re- roofing is the process of installing a new roof when a roofing system fails. Failures can be caused by a number of factors, including age, severe weather, poor workmanship, defective materials, improper specification of a roofing system, abuse and failure to maintain the roof via inspections.
Repair is a process where an existing system has additions and adjustments made to it, such as caulking, re- roofing and repairing penetration to fix leaks in the roofing system.
Maintenance involves the physical inspection of an existing roofing system to determine it's current condition, detect weakness and failures and identify any potential future problems. Through a program of regularly scheduled annual or semiannual inspections, the company's technicians assist owner in protecting their roofing investments by seeking to identify damage in its early stages.
  • Austin Roofing Contractor
    Austin Roofing Contractor
    Texas Showcase Roofing installs a beautiful lifetime shingle roof system from GAF. commercial and residential roof contractors in Austin, Texas. CALL 512-308-6262 for a FREE Quote.
  • Commercial Roofing
    Commercial Roofing
    This video shows the major re-roofing project that's just been completed at the popular El Mercado Restaurant, downtown Austin. It shows our roofing crews performing the demolition and install of four types of energy efficient roof systems. The four systems include TPO roofing, PVC roofing, Epoxy coating...
  • Austin Roofing Company
    Austin Roofing Company
    Texas Showcase Roofing installs a beautiful Timberline dimensional shingle roof system by GAF in Pflugerville TX.
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