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Rated Excellent from 3 reviews
The Roof Maker offers professional services in Bolivia, NC, with trained roofers who can be trusted. From routine maintenance to roof replacements, we're qualified to care for your home's structure with quality craftsmanship that protects the interior of the home. We provide residential roofing and commercial services to serve the community with our expertise.

We offer a long list of roofing services that includes roof replacement, leak barriers, solar installations, ridge vents and roof deck protection. For those who want to maintain their roof or are selling a property, we also provide thorough roof inspections to identify leaks or sagging that may be present.
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Contact Person Greg Schabarum
Phone Number (910) 845-2255
Fax Number (910) 795-4766
City Bolivia, NC
Zip Code 28422
Address 38 Mercer Street
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Products and Services
The company provides clients with a wide variety of general residential roofing procedures. This includes helping new homeowners who want to build their homes from the ground up by providing them with a brand new rooftop installation. Those who want to make the most of the company's services should consider some of the following styles that professionals can install.

Mansard rooftops are some of the most commonly chosen. These roofing systems are made of four slopes, with two set on each of the home's side, one on top of the other. The lower slopes will be steeper than the upper ones, resulting in an attractive and spacious appearance.
The Roof Maker offers many excellent commercial roofing options. The right roof can help a business save money on utility bills and avoid water damage. The best professional roofers can help a business owner pick the correct choice of roofing material out of the money available.

A hot mopped roof is one of the most popular types for commercial applications. Some do not like its appearance, which is why it is not particularly popular for residential applications. However, it is very popular for commercial applications, especially warehouses and storage facilities. It is quite cheap. More importantly, it offers excellent protection from the elements due to the unique construction of the roof. It is composed of layers of bitumen (asphalt) and roofing felt, and may be the best type of roof as far as keeping moisture out is concerned.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 3 reviews
  Testimonial by Kathy Carney
INCREDIBLE workers We recently re-roofed a vacation home on Oak Island, NC. I had a difficult time finding a roofing company that would take the time to even look at our house, let alone return my calls. The Roof Maker worked me into their plans. Company Rep Shannon showed up on time, inspected our shingles and sat down with me to explain the issues with our roof. The Roof Maker worked with our schedule EVERY step of the way....from the initial visit and estimate to the final inspection. I live in WV. Shannon granted my request to put my job on hold until I could return to NC. We stayed in touch through texting. One day after my return, the job started. Shingles were delivered at 7:20am. The dumpster was in place by 7:45. The roofing crew was climbing ladders by 8am...just as promised. The team worked with only a couple of small breaks and lunch. At 6pm they were cleaning up and promised to return the next day to finish the small bit that was left. By 8:06am the hammers were going again. The crew was respectful to me and always spoke to me. I heard nothing offensive. The roof was finished before noon. The initial estimate stood as the final cost. The roof is gorgeous and the blue shingles give our house a "pop" on the street. Neighbors have come out to admire the work. They also ask if I am pleased with Roof Maker. The answer is a resounding: YES! I highly recommend this group.
  Testimonial by Martin Pettigrew
Great Company! Highly recommended for all roofing needs ... Well done Roof Maker!
  Testimonial by J. C.
After a large storm came through our city, I found several shingles laying in my front yard. Though I didn't know where to turn, I'm so glad I found The Roof Maker. They eased my worries before getting on my roof and made me feel so happy with the work they did that I almost can't wait to hire a roofer again.
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